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It's necessary hardware addition, 'Gyrosensor' and 'Accelerometer'.
Turn on cardboard icon into the green toolbar and put the device into your virtual reality goggles.
During the virtual tour using the virtual reality goggles, look around you and place the green point in the middle of the screen at the arrows to change the view to another room.

When entering the virtual tour, the images moves slowly to the right, use your fingers to look around. To enter another room, use the green arrow by clicking them. Or use the property's navigation toolbar:
. Double arrows to the right moves to the next room;
. Double arrows to the left move to the previous room;
. Single arrow moves the user's view in the selected direction
. Signals of + and - respectively increases or decreases the view size.
. Cardboard icon prepares the image for vizualization with any branded virtual reality goggles.
. 4 arrows in the diagonal direction out shows the image in full screen; ESC key or use the 4 arrow keys diagonally inward to return to the default display mode.
. Arrow down with a bar at the top, triggering it hides the property's navigation bar; Use the arrow at the bottom of the image to re-establish the property's navigation bar; You can use the arrows on the side of the image to navigate between rooms.

This device do not have the necessary hardware for vizualization 360 images.

Only modern browsers support 360 images visualization.

Make sure your device is not locked for portrait orientation.

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